Portfolio: Logotype


As part of the process of launching the new version of Panorama, on sale at newsagents since the beginning of June with a new publishing formula and completely redesigned graphics, the weekly magazine involved 18 students from the Masters in Graphic Design at IED Milan, offering them a hard, very ambitious challenge:
to become special art directors. The students were invited to reinterpret Panorama’s new graphic design, developing ideas for the cover and original, recognisable logos that would be capable of reflecting its distinctive characteristics, its quality and its identity, while optimally fulfilling its function of selecting, interpreting and commenting on the latest top news stories.

The students developed and presented 50 graphic designs, which were then submitted to a jury, whose members – Panorama’s Deputy Editor Walter Mariotti, the magazine’s publisher Filippo Gramigna, its Marketing Manager Andrea Petrillo, its Art Director Roberto Bettoni, the Director of IED Visual Communication in Milan Rossella Bertolazzi, the Co-ordinator of the IED Masters in Graphic Design Carlo Branzaglia and the graphic designer and Co-ordinator of the IED Masters in Brand Design Pamela Converso